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The services of DXI Logistics include Domestic and International Freight transport solutions. Import and export customs clearance, Airfreight consolidation with door to airport and door to door services, Ocean Freight, Project Logistics, Exhibitions & Events, Warehousing and Self-storage units

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DXI have failed to deliver on the agreed timeline. They agreed a 6 week door to door service from Canada to Dubai which have failed to delivered. All have been excuses based on elements out of their control. The truth however is that already, just the transport itself has been more than 6 weeks. Almost 9 weeks have passed and still I don't have my furniture.
Moved from Toronto (Canada) to Dubai (United-Arab Emirates)
We left Dubai in January 2019 and I faved the daunting task of finding a good and reliable relocation company. There are so many in Dubai and it is very hard to sort the good from the bad. I finally settled for DXI. In the end, the reason for it was the great and not too pushy communication (some company contact you almost every day to make a sale or want to sell you their services on the first contact). DXI did it perfect, informative, to the point and always available when I had questions. But I never felt pushed at any time. Of course, the price was also a big deciding factor. They were not the cheapest out there, but it was a fair and good price (one company wanted to charge twice as much as DXI, for the same service).
And I have to say, choosing DXI was the best choice I made!!! From the first contact to the day of delivery, I never had an issue with anyone. The day the packers came, Inwas a little worried at first because it was only 2 persons, but I saw very soon, that’s all they needed to get the job done. And, hey, they packed everything so well and professional, it was amazing. They had boxes and where they didn’t, they made them right there. Even the most fragile items and the weirdest shapes items found their secure home in a custom made box. They were fantastic. After 3 hours, all was done.
I was lucky I guess, the packing and shipping coincided with the departure of the container. But they had advised me, if I choose Groupage (partial container), there might be a delay because they will wait until the shared container is full. That’s why I don’t understand others who complain that it takes longer. If you don’t want to wait pay for a full container and you get it faster. But wanting it fast and cheap?! Come on, get a life!! Anyway, so my things left mid January and I was advised they will arrive mid March to end of March. I was then handed over to the overseas agent who was taking care of us now. And, again, I received great service and care from that company too (Relo UK). Very professional and efficient. They made it so easy to fill out all the required documents and they dispatched my items fast and without problems. We then got a call from the delivery company to advise us of the day of delivery and they arrived right on time. The two guys were super friendly, fast and efficient. Truck came from the Netherlands and did a drop off round throughout Germany.
They were very careful with our items and they ensured, all was placed where we wanted it. Our boxes had hardly any scratches on them. They looked like they had been moved only from one room to the next.
I was worried in the beginning of our move if our items would make it. After all, there are so many horror stories out there of things being lost or broken. I have to say, with DXI and partners, Inwas never worried at any time. A job very well done!!!! All were superstars and made our move a breeze. I will use them again should I need a moving company again in the future - no hesitation!!! Thank you everyone at DXI and your partner agents!!!!!!!
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Great communication and service
Professional staff and overseas agents
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Stuttgart (Germany)
They lied about their service.
Packed all stuff on 23rd Oct 2018.
it is November 2nd now. I am living in Spain, but my shipment has not left Dubai warehouse still. Do not know when I will get my stuff. Be lucky if it arrives in Spain by anytime in 2019!!!
They do not care
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Villamartin (Spain)
Response of
Dear M.,

Many thanks for taking the time to review our services and my apologies that you feel our services fell short of expectation.

As you had chosen groupage there is unfortunately a waiting period until we have sufficient volume to dispatch the container. As you were informed by our Removals Consultant, groupage although the most cost effective method of shipping, it is most certainly not the quickest.

We did contact you on the 10th November and offered a more direct method so that you could receive your goods earlier but you subsequently rejected this option.

Your shipment is now in transit and we aim to deliver at the earliest opportunity.


Ross Dunlevy
Removals Manager
DXI Logistics
Their communication was good , the process was good, but they did not follow what they said. They told me that the container goes to Bangalore and clearance will be in Bangalore as I was not willing to handover my original passport to anyone, but they put my cargo on Chennai container and I have to send my passport to Chennai for the clearance
Good staff
Don’t do what they say
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Bengaluru (India)

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