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Most horrible experience. They Changed rates by 50% after picking my things, promised on delivery timeline and did not deliver within the promised time frame, you try to call them they will not respond. They will keep giving you excuses as to why the delay is not in their control. Do not trust them at all. Dealing with this company has caused me extreme stress.
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Kuwait City (Kuwait)
'Move Five Shipping' is a dishonest, unprofessional and RUBBISH company cheating on customers. All customers have to be very careful!!! They collected my furniture in Dubai to be shifted to Germany. They confirmed the final price verbally and in writing. They pushed me to pay 100% in advance which I unfortunately did. They committed within 45 days I will receive the furniture in Germany. Now and after 3 weeks, still my furniture in Dubai. They are twisting my arm taking the advantage that I am now outside UAE and pushing me to pay additional money against our agreement otherwise they will not release my furniture. I am willing to call Dubai Police to help me out. Dubai has a very high name (reputation) and such dishonest companies should NOT be existing in Dubai / UAE. All customers shall be careful to NOT be trapped with such company. My Name is Hany Emam Shalan Please distribute my message to all customers under my responsibility as we have to protect Dubai reputation against such rubbish companies. Thanks!Read more
nothing positive!
unprofessional and dishonest.
Cheating on customers.
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Nuremberg (Germany)
Response of
Hi Sir,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. But below are some facts that you need to understand so you can have a better understanding.

We always try our best to accommodate our clients as much as we can.

1. We sent you the quotation on 12 Dec, 2021 last year, and you requested for packing in Feb, and packing happened on 15 Feb, 2022, but we did not change the quotation for you, although the freight charges had been increased already but we did not ask you to pay the freight charges difference. (We accommodated you in freight charges, please understand this).

2. You can check Gulf news, Khaleej time also about the freight charges being increased significantly every month sometimes every week.

3. If you still not believe us, you can take fresh quote from any company for 36 CBM for this month, and you will understand how much we have accommodated you.

4. We quoted you for 30 CBM, whereas your shipment volume is 36 CBM, we have sent you the packing li st along with the dimensions which you can calculate by yourself, or you can send anybody to calculate the volume on your behalf and you will come to know.

We hope, we are able to remove your doubts.

Thank you.
Read more
best moving i ever seen a moving likhe this and its very cheap also i would like to give them more than The moving price
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Abu Dhabi (United-Arab Emirates)
The team is extremely professional and goes the extra mile. Very organized and detail oriented. Totally recommended. Thank you team for making our move so much easier for us.
they listen to all my needs
team was very cooperative
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Auckland (New Zealand)
I have moved by 3 bedroom apartment from Dubai to Mumbai India. The team was amazing they did excellent packing.I have received my shipment well in time as promised. I would definitely like to recommend and would like to use MoveFive in future
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Mumbai (India)
I move my 2 bedroom Apartment from Dubai to Karachi, Pakistan, and everything was good, they took care of everything, including customs clearance and all. Staff is very polite and nice. I would Recommend Move Five to All.
Quality Service
Economical Price
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Karachi (Pakistan)

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