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Fusion Shipping Worldwide, a fast growing Logistics service provider offering logistics solutions to its customers around the world is able to connect its logistics knowledge with its relocation division, allowing it to ship goods worldwide.

Fusion Relocation has the following accredtions: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

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With reference to review of JN February 19, 2021 who moved from Dubai to KSA, I s.
I was given various promises. I paid extra to ship via air. firstly, they messed up by putting prohibited items in my box, asked for extra money as Dubai Customs fined them. Secondly, the shipment came 2 weeks late. Thirdly, 50% of my shipment were damaged.
Fourthly, [name removed by Sirelo] said the rate is door to door and no hidden charges. In Montreal, I was charges 30% over the paid amount to UPS for brokerage, customs, etc.
When asked, [name removed by Sirelo] he swiftly washed his hands with typical post sales email blaming Fusion's partners, Dubai Customs and UPS. Fusion Shipping is unethical with false promises.
I recommend all not to fall for [name removed by Sirelo] or his team sweet talks and promsies.
I will keep you all posted on my way forward.
False promises
Damaged goods and unprofessional shipping
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Montreal (Canada)

We used Fusion for our move from Dubai to KSA. This included moving our car. After much assurance from Benson Davis at Fusion that the car could be moved to KSA, we agreed to engage Fusion to do this, and not sell the car before leaving. 1 year later, we still do not have our car cleared! It has been an absolute comedy of errors. It is clear [Name removed by Sirelo] and his team are now determined to simply wash their hands of the whole mess - referring us to their local agent, who is equally unable to help. Customer satisfaction could not be lower, with the matter likely progressing to litigation in the UAE.

It is understandable that their are challenges when shipping goods between jurisdictions. The disappointment with Fusion is that they simply did not know what they were doing. Once it became apparent it was a complete mess - they will leave you high and dry.

I strongly suggest you do not use Fusion for anything, and welcome any request to expand on our awful experience (which continues).Read more
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Dhahran (Saudi Arabia)
Bekamm das, was ich bezahlt habe - und Stress war vertraglich nicht vereinbart! Also, alles super!!!
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Berlin (Germany)
1. Sehr seriöse Beratung
2. Das beste Team von Packern welches ich je erlebt habe, zuverlässig, selbstständig, verantwortungsvoll
noch nie eine Team von Packern erlebt, die so sorgfältig die Gegenstände verpackt haben
Die Korrespondenzfirma in Deutschland, Fa. NAVTRANS aus München war ebenfalls sehr kundenorientiert, die Umzugsfirma jedoch war personell unterbesetzt und auch nur bedingt professionell
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Gifhorn (Germany)
When we contacted them, at first we had loads of questions to which they answered promptly, we checked their ratings which were very good and they showed us that we could trust them. They were on time and did a very professional work wrapping our whole household. The wrappers were courteous and diligent. The wrapping was of good quality. The whole experiment was handled to our satisfaction.
Positive from contact to shipping
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Montpellier (France)
The packing staff was professional and did a fantastic job. They were the most cost effective and seemed to know what they were talking about
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Midrand (South Africa)
Desde el primer contacto que hize con ellos hasta el último momento de embarcación siempre estuvieron atentos y lo que aun es mas, el precio muy bueno.
Facil y rapido
Moved from Abu Dhabi (United-Arab Emirates) to Valencia (Spain)
Very punctual and effiencny
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Aarhus (Denmark)
Always answer my email even during weekends
Good Packing. Clean workers
Take their time. No rush
Moved from Dubaï (United-Arab Emirates) to Chiang Mai (Thailand)
The manager was very helpful and professional. He was quick to come and assess the goods we needed shipped to various countries and give me quotes accordingly. The packers were very efficient and utilised every available space in order to maximise the amount of goods to fit into one container. Nothing got damaged in the move.
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Manama (Bahrain)
Absolutely horrible experience. The customer service was a nightmare, the employee responsible for us was rude and had absolutely limited knowledge. The company changed measurements of boxes to hide that they are overcharging. My husband went to the storage and took pictures of the boxes to document the true measures. If they would be located in Europe I would consider to open a lawsuit.
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Berlin (Germany)
service execrable
equipe incompetente
mauvaise estimation de nos biens nous avons encore un litige . conteneur parti mais nous avons encore des colis sur les bras . aucune solution est apportee. il nous demande de payer encore pour les colis restants.
equipe et direction de mauvaise foi. vous ne devriez plus conseiller cette compagnie.
non professionnel
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Lievin (France)

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