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Bridgeway Shipping and Clearing Services LLC an entity of the Bridgeway Group of Companies is a "turnkey" logistics solutions provider. With a global network of 2000 offices in 130 countries and combined experience of more than 160 years amongst their personnel, they offer complete Freight, Shipping and Forwarding solutions for their growing clientele based in the region and overseas.

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Leaving a country after 20 years was traumatic and complex so it was with great thanks and relief that we used Bridgeway. Their staff, particularly [Names removed by Sirelo], were very helpful and informative not to mention patient as we had many queries. The guys who packed our stuff were also supremely helpful. Needless to say we received our cargo to our satisfaction and with all the work done by Bridgeway. Thank you.
Moved from Al Ain (United-Arab Emirates) to Cardiff (United Kingdom)
Great service.. Especially the delivery crew, they were simply awesome.. Overall very well satisfied experience with Bridgeway.. Proper communication was established throughout the movement. Special kudos to [Names removed by Sirelo]
Moved from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Abu Dhabi (United-Arab Emirates)
I was extorted to pay a higher volume once they had collected my shipment. I was quoted a cost and was told that i would be charged for the actual volume once the shipment was collected. The actual volume was less than the quote and once they had it all ready to ship they sent me a bill for the full amount. They then told me there was a minimum volume and i had no choice as now the shipment was packed and ready to leave. There was never any discuasion of minimum volume or any written information. The quote specifically said thw cost to be adjusted to real volume once received. However since it was all packed and on a container i had no choice or all my items would sit in a mon air conditioned warehouse until i paid. Total extortion. They lied about the shipping time and shipping route. They lie and cheat and are very poor to respond or to resolve issues or questions. Always an excuse never a solution
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to กทม (Thailand)
This was not the first time using Bridgeway and we moved household stuff to the Philippines and to South Africa.
When we unpacked we found numerous breakages and appliances not even wrapped just placed in the boxes. The damage to our goods are so bad that I have sent photos to the company and complained about the poor packaging and damages. Furthermore we found boxes in both shipments that were basically empty yet we were charged fir the full volume of the container.
This was the worst move I ever experienced with any moving company and please save yourself the horrible experience we had and use another company
No positive feedback
Not applicable
Empty boxes were shipped
Goods poorly packed and lots of damage
Moved from Abu Dhabi (United-Arab Emirates) to Estancia Iloilo (Philippines)
The packing went smooth and good service but after that We didnt hear anything from them for 10 days. We had to write to them asking what’s the status of shipment. Our shipment left the country 3 weeks after the packing date. We are currently waiting for the container to arrive which may take another 15 to 17 days to reach my house. When the salesman visited our house initially he said that we can get our things within 20-30 days. But it’s taking maximum 40 days. We are put in difficult situations where we had additional expenses to cover due to insufficient things in the current house. In fact we were told to take full container so we can receive our things early rather shared container where we may have to wait. So we followed the advice and paid higher price for full container. Yet they delayed our shipment. We are disappointed with their service where what was told and what was done was different and they were quiet and no courtesy to inform the vessel departure and arrival.
The packing was good
No after sale service
Wrong promises
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Semenyih (Malaysia)
team of workers came packed everything
and loaded the materials to the truck.the vessel moved on the proposed date.
Moved from Al Ain (United-Arab Emirates) to Bengaluru (India)
Price was the best price, Packing was good.
However they need to improve their communication and updating the customers with the timeline for delivery.
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Kuwait (Kuwait)
they are good in dubai but there clearing company in Pakistan is very bad lazy and seems unresponsive.
discuss clearing company at your destination
total transit time is high from door to door
Moved from Dubai (United-Arab Emirates) to Karachi (Pakistan)

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